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    Working Papers and Under Review
  • Electricity and Directed Technological Change: Evidence from US Rural Electrification. (with Martin Fiszbein, Jeanne Lafortune, Josefa Lavandero, and Jose Tessada), March 2024.

  • Powering Up Productivity: The Effects of Electrification on U.S. Manufacturing (with Martin Fiszbein, Jeanne Lafortune, and Jose Tessada), February 2024.

  • The Intergenerational Effects of Permanent Legal Status (with Elizabeth Cascio and Paul Cornell), December 2023. Appendix.

  • The Effect of Low-Skill Immigration Restrictions on US Firms and Workers: Evidence from a Randomized Lottery (with Michael Clemens). NBER Working Paper #30589, May 2024; (older versions: CESifo Working Paper No. 10057 and Center for the Analysis of Migration Discussion Paper 24/22.)
            Summaries in NBER Digest (Dec 2022), VOX EU (Nov 2022).
            Coverage in Forbes, NPR, and Foreign Affairs.

  • Changing Returns to Scale in Manufacturing 1880-1930: The Rise of (Skilled) Labor?   (with Jeanne Lafortune, Jose Pablo Martinez and Jose Tessada), NBER Working Paper 28633, April 2021.

    Published and Forthcoming
  • Opening the Door: Immigrant Legalization and Family Reunification in the United States (with Elizabeth Cascio). Forthcoming, Journal of Labor Economics.
            Online Appendix.

  • Legal Activism, State Policy, and Racial Inequality in Teacher Salaries and Educational Attainment in the Mid-Century American South (with Elizabeth Cascio). Journal of Labor Economics 42(S1): April 2024.
            Online Appendix.

  • Distributing the Green (Cards): Permanent Residency and Income Taxes After the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.  (with Elizabeth Cascio). Journal of Public Economics 172: April 2019 pp. 135-150.
            Covered by MarketWatch.

  • People and Machines: A Look at The Evolving Relationship Between Capital and Skill In Manufacturing 1860-1930 Using Immigration Shocks  (with Jeanne Lafortune and Jose Tessada).    Review of Economics and Statistics 101(1): March 2019, pp. 30-43.
           (This supercedes NBER Working Paper #21435, July 2015.)
           On-line appendix and replication files.

  • Immigration Restrictions as Active Labor Market Policy: Evidence from the Mexican Bracero Exclusion (with Michael A. Clemens and Hannah M. Postel).    American Economic Review 108(6): June 2018, pp. 1468-87. (This supercedes: NBER Working Paper #23125, July 2017.)
            On-line appendix and replication files.
            Summary at VoxEU. Covered in The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, The New York Times, Newsweek, Bloomberg, Vox, The Dartmouth and the International Business Times.

  • How Immigration Affects Workers: Two Wrong Models and a Right One. Cato Journal 37(3): Fall 2017, pp. 461-472. Technical appendix.
            Covered by MarketWatch.

  • Immigration and the Economy of Cities and Regions (with Giovanni Peri). Handbook of Urban and Regional Economics, Volume 5, 2015. This version, August 2014.
           Also available as NBER working paper #20428.

  • Do Male-Female Wage Differentials Reflect Differences in the Return to Skill? Cross-City Evidence From 1980-2000 (with Paul Beaudry)  American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 6(2): April 2014, pp. 178-194.
          Pre-publication version from June 2013
          Our blog posting on this article on LSE's USAPP.

  • Immigration and Production Technology for the Annual Review of Economics 5, August 2013.
            Pre-publication version: NBER working paper #18310, August 2012.
            Talks loosely based on this article:
            --    Understanding the Labor Market Impact of Immigration: The Role of Capital-Skill Complementarity University of Waterloo, March 26, 2016.
           --    The Benefits of Immigration: Some Implications of Recent Findings, presented at the NORFACE Migration Conference, University College London, April 13, 2013.

  • Immigrant Native Substitutability: The Role of Language in David Card and Stephen Raphael, eds., Immigration, Poverty, and Socioeconomic Inequality. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2013.
            Press Coverage: New York Times, August, 2017.

  • Cracks In the Melting Pot: Immigration, School Choice, and Segregation (with Elizabeth Cascio). American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 4(3): August 2012, pp. 91-117.

  • Immigration, Skill Mix, and Capital-Skill Complementarity. The Quarterly Journal of Economics 126(2): May 2011, pp. 1029-1069.
            Press Coverage: New York Times, August, 2017.

  • Should the PC be Considered a Technological Revolution? Evidence from US Metropolitan Areas  (with Paul Beaudry and Mark Doms). Journal of Political Economy 118(5): October 2010, pp. 988-1036.
            Pre-publication draft.

  • Paying For Progress: Conditional Grants and the Desegregation of Southern Schools. (with Elizabeth Cascio, Nora Gordon, and Sarah Reber). The Quarterly Journal of Economics 125(1): February 2010, pp. 445-482.

  • Local Labor Force Education, New Business Characteristics, and Firm Performance. (with Mark Doms and Alicia Robb). Journal of Urban Economics 67(1): January 2010, pp. 61-67.

  • From Brown to Busing. (with Elizabeth Cascio, Nora Gordon, and Sarah Reber) Journal of Urban Economics 64(2): September 2008, p. 296-325.

  • The Impact of Immigration on American Workers and Businesses.Choices 22(1): 1st Quarter 2007, p. 1-7.

  • The Diffusion of Mexican Immigrants During the 1990s: Explanations and Impacts (with David Card) in George J. Borjas, Ed., Mexican Immigration to the United States. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2007, p. 193-227.
          Pre-publication: NBER Working Paper #11552.

  • Schooling and the AFQT: Evidence from School Entry Laws.(with Elizabeth Cascio). Journal of Human Resources 41(2): Spring 2006, p. 294-318.

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